by Aabir Abubaker Kar
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Quick summary:

  • What I did:
    • Built this nifty website on a budget of $0
  • Things I learnt:
    • How to build a static Jekyll website served by Github Pages
    • How to integrate non-static functionality like comments (Disqus) and Google Analytics using third party JavaScript plugins
    • That abstractions really can be used effectively with no knowledge of what is under the hood
  • When was this?
    • A work in progress since 2016 - a lot has changed since then

All code is available at the repo. Feel free to fork or clone it, and play around - or check out my soon-to-follow blog.

Credit to the So Simple theme and the developers of Jekyll. I never expected building a website so be this painless (there was still some pain but much less that I expected).