My name is Aabir Abubaker Kar.

I am a data scientist and data engineer, a machine learning researcher, and a data-driven strategy consultant. I’ve worked with data for 4 years on use-cases in data-driven business strategy, business intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and AI. In the process, I have mastered an extensive range of methods from regressions to deep neural networks for NLP.

My approach to data science is structured and result-oriented - see my Thinking with Data Science blog series to know more.

You can read more about my projects here. For those that involve code, you can find the source on my Github.

I am currently on the hunt for exciting Data Science positions that let me combine my extensive algorithmic repertoire, compulsive problem-solving attitude, and gritty, extreme-ownership working style. Get in touch at aabir.abubaker.kar at gmail dot com if you want to work with me!



In my 4 years working with data, I’ve had the good fortune to work with some amazing people at phenomenal places including:

  • (Chicago, USA), a start-up building a novel data-sharing platform for integration and collaboration
  • The Knowledge Lab and the Computer Science Department at the University of Chicago, where I did research on a class of advanced deep representation learning algorithms called Knowledge Graph Embeddings
  •, a start-up Regina Catipon and I founded to build AI that helps you fact-check any content on your screen
  • Zipline (San Francisco, USA), a start-up that uses autonomous aircraft to deliver medical supplies in Ghana and Rwanda
  • International Centre for Theoretical Sciences, Bangalore (Bengaluru, India), where I adapted advanced machine learning to the problem of monsoon prediction
  • New England Complex Systems Institute (Cambridge, USA), where I analyzed terabytes of operations logs to build data-driven business intelligence


My research interests are in the intersection of AI and society - including political polarization, accuracy and bias in information, and knowledge bases.

Education at UChicago

I earned a Master of Arts in Computational Social Science at The University of Chicago. I like to describe it as ‘data science with social data’ - using quantitative methods to understand our increasingly digital footprints and behaviors.

I did coursework in a wide array of fields - Machine Learning, Computer Science, Development Economics, Sociology, Political Science, Anthropology, and Public Policy. I was also a Machine Learning Researcher at The Knowledge Lab, investigating how deep learning models respond to deliberately corrupted data. This was the crux of my Master’s thesis, titled “Common sense reasoning against algorithmic misinformation using Knowledge Graph Embeddings”. Reach out for a copy! I consulted closely with researchers at the Computer Science Department and the Toyota Technical Institute at Chicago during this time.

Education at BITS

I hold a BE in Engineering and an MSc in Physics from BITS Pilani, Goa Campus in India. I earned the tag-along Master’s through an accelerated 5-year program. I also hold from BITS a Minor Certificate in Philosophy, Economics and Politics.

Talk about ideas, events, people (in no particular order)

aabir.abubaker.kar at gmail dot com