by Aabir Abubaker Kar
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Quick summary:

  • What I did:
    • taught three algorithms (k-means clustering, PCA and t-SNE) to over 300 people
    • traveled to some amazing Python conferences
  • Things I learnt:
    • how to deliver technical talks
    • the power of visualizations in developing intuition
    • unexpected use-cases for simple models
  • When was this?
    • Between September 2018 and February 2019

In 2018 and 2019, I had the chance to speak at 3 Python conferences in 3 continents - in Johannesburg, Washington D.C., and Manipal, India.

PyData DC 2018

Through multiple iterations of the talk, I learnt how to intuitively teach technical topics. The amazing culture of learning, sharing, and coding I saw at these conferences also made me a sworn fan of FOSS (Free Open Source Software). Props to the Python, PyCon and PyData communities at large for their steps taken for inclusiveness.

Here’s]( the video from PyData DC:

Aabir at PyData DC

Resources for the coding walkthrough can be found here. The idea behind the demo was to extract insights from the Netflix movie database - my own take on the popular Netflix Challenge from back in the day.